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Market Intelligence Finance – The 2020s will be remembered as a decade of global economic change. The fintech market is currently over $1 trillion and growing.

Over the next decade, financial services, banking, payments, lending and investing will undergo the most dramatic change in centuries. This change presents great opportunities… but also great dangers.

Market Intelligence Finance

The Fintech Market Intelligence Dashboard provides real-time market intelligence on the top 100+ fintech companies that are poised to disrupt banking, payments, finance, insurance and wealth management globally.

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Our AI platform provides insights you won’t find anywhere else, as well as early indicators of market trends.

See how fintechs fare over time on key indicators and understand how they are affected by market trends. Find out what’s happening in the market and see what’s going on.

See where the top fintech companies are in real time based on key concepts such as trust, acceptance and value. Similar to the Gartner Magic Quadrant, these are updated daily with new content to reflect each category in each comparison.

Save hours by receiving valuable fintech videos about the industry and what’s relevant to you. Skip to the main points to find what you want, without having to listen to the whole video. Use the keyword search to jump into discussions about fintech and other trends.

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Our real-time feed provides AI analysis of the market’s perception and adoption of top fintechs in the following 16 categories: In a fast-paced and high-stakes environment, the use of digital tools, processes, and systems has never been more important for banks. With the massive push to become digitally resilient and remain competitive, timely access to unique, detailed, and reliable intelligence is a rare commodity. From cash flow tools to cloud-based storage, discover a wealth of options to help you streamline and streamline your workflow.

Community banks are at a crossroads: Innovate or be left behind. Capitalize on this time with powerful reporting tools that deliver valuable insights, and improve your organization’s performance and profitability.

The personal connection makes community banks an important part of their customers’ lives. And that is what differentiates them from commercial banks.

Community banks play an important role in local economic development. But today’s lending processes remain highly manual and rely on multiple sources of data, making them repetitive, time-consuming, and messy.

Imd & Ird Awards 2021: Best Research Provider—s&p Global Market Intelligence

By adopting a customer-centric approach to your retail banking business, you can build strong relationships with your customers that drive new and lifelong business.

Take the guesswork out of your bank’s most important decisions. Our unmatched analytics and portfolio management tools help you:

When a local bank makes risky credit decisions based on inadequate, inaccurate, or irrelevant information, business risks can occur. Our credit and risk experts use data, analytics, and dynamic models to gain insight into the world of credit.

We’re always thinking of ways to help you learn more, creating time-saving tools – time you can invest in growing your business and bottom line.

Artificial Intelligence In Finance: Enhancing Financial Innovation

[Webinar Replay] Advanced Loan and Deposit Strategies: Tools to Help Commercial Lending Teams Build a Whole Client RelationshipMarket Intelligence describes the collection and analysis of all financial market information prior to entry. In the target market, companies research information about the market, competitors, industries, suppliers, customers, interest groups, etc. Market Intelligence helps gather information about market players and key topics and turns it into insights that help make informed decisions. .

The markets have been very difficult in the last few years. The Covid-19 pandemic, inflation and the global energy crisis have affected financial markets around the world making it difficult to predict business opportunities and trends. Emergencies like this prove the resilience that the company has built up over the years because decision making in an uncertain environment requires a lot of market knowledge. Fluctuations are part of the game and some companies come out stronger than ever due to economic downturns and high volatility thanks to so-called market intelligence (MI). MI is especially important for companies that have expanded into a new market. In this post we explain what defines MI, describe its main methods and give examples of how it can benefit your business in the Colombian market.

Marketing Intelligence refers to gathering and analyzing all the information about the financial market before entering it. In the target market, companies research information about the market, competitors, companies, suppliers, customers, interest groups, etc. MI helps to collect data of the players, about the issues, and turn it into information that supports decision-making. .

The basic idea of ​​MI is simple, the more you know about the market the more you will have a competitive advantage. However, in today’s world, getting market data is not so difficult to gain profit, but it is a good use of MI. In general, MI is divided into four types:

Financial Oil Market Signals Point To Price Floor

Collection: The first step in most MI programs is to collect relevant data from the area being analyzed. External sources such as government agencies, research organizations and other partners should also be consulted.

Validation: “Cleaning” the data collected in the market is a very important step, because some sites are incomplete, incorrect or repetitive. This section will allow data and information to be updated and understood.

Processing: It involves the use of translating white data into readable, reports or spreadsheets that allow the organization to better understand the market.

Communication: The fourth and final step involves communicating and presenting new market information to interested companies with the idea that they use this information in decision making.

Spendedge Examines The Importance Of Location Strategy For The Financial Services Industry

Even if certain products or services are successful in their countries, it does not mean that expanding to new markets, especially in Latin America, is an easy decision. It is understandable that companies without Colombian experience are skeptical about growth and business opportunities. Cultural, environmental, and economic differences can make it difficult to identify opportunities for successful market penetration. The social and political risks in Colombia can make international companies feel safe if this is the right market for them. Local organizations are another factor that has a significant impact on the growth of the Colombian market. These challenges make it even more important for companies to invest heavily in their Market Intelligence.

Colombian businesses are a great example of why gathering Market Intelligence is as important as having a good product. In today’s fast moving world, knowledge is power (economics). Uncovering the great potential of Colombia with the help of Market Intelligence reveals exciting business opportunities that no one else has. The main difference with other markets is the abundance of new products and the lack of formal knowledge in Colombia. In this context, receiving input, financial information from external sources can positively affect your company’s Market Intelligence and promote innovation. Furthermore, the use of Market IIIntelligence models on the Colombian meat market has shown that there is a lot of interesting information available online. Organizing and filtering this information is time-consuming, but the investment in information management will pay off in the long run.

Designing your own MI goes back to the basics of industrial technology. In competitive markets, companies need to increase their knowledge about suppliers, buyers, new competitors and products.

The resources invested in the collection and analysis of information on the Colombian market require an integrated MI approach. Almost a lot of information is available these days about different sectors of the economy. For that reason the second step mentioned above, verification, becomes very important. Providing its clients with reliable and accurate market information is unique and supported by the successful implementation of MI strategies for companies in different sectors in Colombia. If you want to know more about choosing the right distributor in Colombia check out this blog.

Artificial Intelligence In Finance: We Have Come A Long Way!

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Beyond Chatbots: Artificial Intelligence In Finance And Banking

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