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Data scientists are experts who use statistical information and computer science to gain insights into large data sets. They play an important role across industries and sectors as employers rely on analytics to make better decisions.

Finance Business Intelligence Jobs

Depending on the role and structure of the organization, data scientists in the financial industry can be responsible for many functions. Their work and daily routine may include:

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Complete stack data scientists can be responsible for the entire process of converting raw data into actionable insights.

Becoming a data scientist in the investment industry often requires technical skills, industry knowledge and formal education. Job descriptions for financial technology roles (Fintech) generally require a bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field, programming language skills, and skills for research and analysis.

Many investment experts in the field of data science consider soft skills such as communication and business skills as essential for job security.

Data science in finance includes many opportunities for investment careers. Job opportunities, roles and titles for data scientists include:

Ai, Ml, Data Science Jobs At Beyond Finance

Data scientists in the financial industry can perform various roles and collaborate with professionals such as data engineers, database architects, database managers, financial statistics and programmers. In addition, they can specialize in one of several areas where data science and finance combine, such as cyber security, artificial intelligence (AI) learning, blockchain development, and quantitative investment.

Industries such as finance, retail, healthcare, agricultural production, oil and gas, markets and public sector organizations are in high demand for data scientists. For example, financial institutions rely on data scientists to help assess and manage risks, create reports to communicate, discover, and develop forecasting models to better predict trends.

If you are interested in learning more about data science, we have a collection of research papers to help you get started.

Data science in the investment industry is creating new opportunities for investment careers. In addition to the roles directly related to the investment process, there is an increasing demand for professionals who can apply their investment skills to support technology platforms and business models created by technicians and others who lack investment training. The CFA program provides basic knowledge of the investment industry to complement and demonstrate how your background in data science can be applied in the financial world. Siddhartha Bank Limited (SBL) was established in 2002 and is promoted by the prominent personality of Nepal today, serving as one of the fastest growing banks in Nepal. While advertisers come from many fields, they have tremendous business skills and share their valuable experience towards bank improvement.

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In the short term, Siddhartha Bank can develop a wide range of products and services that are most suitable for its customers. Siddhartha Bank has been announcing a steady increase in its portfolio size and profits since the start of its operations. The management of the bank has clear skills.

Job descriptions make a significant impact! Be a part of our team! Siddhartha Bank Limited (SBL) has a pervasive ‘Digital First’ culture and agility and experimentation theories are looking forward to embracing energetic personalities and team players to nurture digital footprint. Its shell. Digital Financial Services Manager Level: Assistant Manager / Deputy Director / Manager who needs a certain number Location: Kathmandu’s background: Responsible for planning, organizing and implementing digital strategies and roadmaps for banks and clients. It includes identifying opportunities, creating business cases, and developing the need to implement strategies. Digital Banking Applications Specialist Levels: Senior Assistant / Junior Officer / Officer / Senior Officer Number: Position: Katmandu Job Profile: Responsible for providing technical support for the Bank’s digital applications (CRM, LMS, BPM. MIS / BI, CRIS, AML / CFT, SBL, FAMS / INV, Net Banking, HRIS, COBS, BPC Smart Vista, Sharepoint, eDMS. Project Distribution Process Business Intelligence (BI) Analyst Level: Senior Assistant / Junior Officer / Officer / Senior Officer Required No. Position: Kathmandu Job Profile: Responsible for collecting Banking Requtrement from the Bank’s stakeholders to develop new data models and wilt data visualizations and also create and support data structures, data transformation and Its Dependence Level: Data Engineer: Senior Assistant / Senior Officer / Officer / Senior Officer Number: Some Location: Career Profile Katmandu: Responsible for working with the Bank’s stakeholders to identify opportunities for data utilization. Bank to promote business solutions as well as analysis and mining. Data from the Bank’s database to promote the optimization and improvement of product development, marketing techniques and business strategies of the Bank. Power BI Developer Level: Assistant Senior Assistant / Junior Officer / Officer / Senior Officer Required No: A few positions Kathmandu Job Profile: Responsible for design. Developing, deploying and supporting sustainable BI solutions such as dashboards, spreadsheets, and other forms of data visualization using Power BI. Eligibility: Corporate level: Assistant Manager / Deputy Director / Manager Required work experience: 5 years experience in field related to bachelor’s degree or 7 years experience in field related to bachelor’s degree. Age Requirement: Must not be over 50 years old by the date of application Corporate level: Senior Officer Required work experience: 3 years experience in related field Bachelor’s degree or 4 years experience in related field. Age Criteria: Must not be over 40 years old by the date of application. Corporate level: Officers required: 2 years experience in a field related to a bachelor’s degree or 3 years experience in a field related to a bachelor’s degree. Age Criteria: Not more than 40 years by the application deadline Corporate Level: Senior Officer Work Experience: 2 years experience in related field with Bachelor’s degree with at least 50% or 2.5 CGPA Age Criteria: No More than 32 years by the date of the program Corporate level: Senior Assistant Work experience: 1.5 years experience in related field with a bachelor’s degree with a score of at least 50% or 2.5 CGPA Age requirements: Not more than 32 years by the expiration date of Corporate Application: Assistant Work Experience: 1 year work experience in related field Bachelor’s degree Minimum score 50% or 2.5 CGPA Age Criteria: Not more than 26 years as of the application deadline. Study Requirements: Digital Financial Services Manager: IT / Computer Science / Computer Engineering Management / Finance / Business Statistics Intelligenie (BI) Analyst: IT / Computer Science / Computer Engineering Management / Finance / Statistics Digital Banking Applications Specialist : IT / Compuler Science / Computer Data Engineer Engineering: IT / Compuler Science / Computer EngneeringManagement / Finance / Statistics Power BI Developer: IT / Computer Science / Computer EngineenrgAt Beyond Finance We have made it our mission to help people Everyday Americans get out of the cycle of endless debt and move on to a brighter financial future. Through compassionate, personalized attention, user-focused technology, support and on-demand financial solutions, we have helped more than 300,000 clients on their path to a debt-free life.

While we are proud of what we have already achieved (over $ 2 billion in debt settled), we are looking for new collaborators to help us reach the next level! If you want to join a fast-growing organization to help people, our number one goal Want to hear from you.

As a Business Intelligence Engineer, you will assist in the BI interaction for many parts of the business, get the information they need to make strategic decisions and understand the data in an easy-to-use way .. You will also come with it. You too. Recommendations and ideas of what can be done with data beyond the initial requirements.

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Beyond Finance is a Chicago-based company looking for candidates in or near Chicagoland.

You will use our BI tech stack (Looker and Snowflake) to provide business value in the form of:

As a personal manager, you will be responsible and accountable for your own work as well as for your own reporting. You will oversee their work, provide guidance, review weekly results 1: 1, semi-annually and annually. You will establish best practices / development standards and ensure adherence to them.

You must be willing to dive deep into the data and understand the meaning, understand idiosyncrasies and relationships at both technical and business levels. You will ensure that the business definition is documented.

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As you make a difference for others, we will work to make a difference for you by providing a collaborative and rewarding work environment that reflects your values ​​to us. For eligible full-time employees, we offer:

And last but not least, our team spirit and culture! We cultivate a community environment, connectivity and belong to our entire organization.

Beyond Finance does not accept unsolicited resumes from recruiters or third-party recruiting agencies in response to job vacancies. No fees will be charged to their parties who submit unsolicited candidates directly to the Beyond Finance staff or the Beyond Finance HR team. No placement fee will be paid to any third party unless such request is made by Beyond HR.

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